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Investment Principles of Tokyo Tatemono Private REIT, Inc.

Basic investment principles of the private REIT

  • Purpose of investment

    The private REIT aims to build a diversified portfolio, or a portfolio that is diversified in terms of the real estate type and location. The purpose of investment is to ensure the stable growth of invested assets and stable profit in the medium and long run.

  • Type

    The investments are made in office buildings, residential houses and real estate for other uses such as healthcare facilities (*1), commercial facilities, hotels and logistics facilities. 

  • Locations

    Investments are primarily made in properties in the Tokyo area(*2), major cities all over Japan (including ordinance-designated cities and prefectural capitals), and the areas surrounding these cities.

    Healthcare facilities are not included in the initial portfolio properties. We seek advice from external specialists when making investments in these kinds of facilities.
    The Tokyo area refers to Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba.

Breakdowns of investments that the private REIT is pursuing in the long term

Organization of Tokyo Tatemono Private REIT, Inc.