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Sustainability Policy

The Tokyo Tatemono Group, which we belong to, is promoting the development of ESG management that considers the environment, society, and governance, and is actively engaged in sustainability measures across the entire Group using our business to offer better solutions to society's problems and bring our own growth as an enterprise to a higher level.

We believe that incorporating the ESG elements into our investment decisions and operating processes contributes towards maximizing medium- to long-term value of investors, and we have established the following basic policy on ESGs. When executing this policy, we will take into account the fact that our business is mainly commissioned by clients*, and we will also take into account the characteristics of managed real estate and the will of investors.

*"Clients" mainly refers to special purpose corporations or investment corporations that entrust our company with investment management, investment advising, agency services, etc.

1. Promotion of a Decarbonized Society and Climate Change Prevention

To promote a decarbonized society and contribute to the prevention of climate change, we are working to improve environmental performance of our managed real estate through the introduction of low-energy facilities and increase the use of renewable energy. We are also working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in cooperation with tenants, property management companies, and other stakeholders.

2. Promotion of a Recycle-based Society and Reducing Environmental Burden

To promote a recycle-based society and reduce environmental burden, we are working to understand the environmental burden of water use and the emission of waste and harmful substances at our managed real estate. We will work to prevent atmospheric and water pollution and to conserve resources through promoting activities that conserve resources to reduce resource use and emissions.

3. Consideration for Biodiversity

We will utilize the power of plants as much as possible and work to create a rich comfortable environment that considers biodiversity to create a charming town and life full of greenery. We will also investigate the preservation, transplantation, and conservation of trees and forests as required.

4. Initiatives to Improve Resilience

We will work for stable operations of managed real estate and an increase in value by enhancing disaster prevention measures in preparation of storms, floods, and earthquakes caused by climate change and other BCP measures, and by strengthening the resilience of managed real estate against disasters.

5. Respecting Human Rights

In accordance with our human rights policy, we work to assess business-related human rights issues, mitigate their impacts, and take appropriate measures for correction and relief by being aware of the importance of respecting the human rights of all stakeholders involved in business and by performing human rights due diligence.

6. Initiatives to Improve Health and Comfort

We will understand what is needed to improve the health and comfort of tenants and the local community, and will work to maintain and improve real estate value by improving tenant satisfaction at managed real estate and by acquiring and maintaining good tenants.

7. Cooperation with Stakeholders

We will create favorable relationships with tenants, property management companies, suppliers, and other stakeholders, and will work in cooperation with them to promote ESGs. We believe that improving the value of an area lies not only in the development of the area but also in the improvement of value of managed real estate. We will therefore work to create cooperative relationships with the community through a variety of community and volunteer activities.

8. Initiatives for Officers and Employees

We will actively work to develop the abilities of our officers and employees based on the belief that officers and employees themselves are the foundation for sustainable corporate development. We will also actively work to appoint diverse human resources to offer services from a wider range of perspectives and to make decisions from even more diverse perspectives.

9. Strengthening Compliance

In accordance with our basic policy on compliance, we will contribute towards the realization of a better society through complying with laws, regulations, social norms, and corporate ethics and by carrying out healthy corporate activities. We will also work to prevent corruption and bribery through educational activities with officers and employees.

10. Governance Systems and Disclosure of ESG Information

We will work to create suitable corporate governance to lead to increased customer profits, with a focus on ensuring health and transparency and increasing efficiency in management. We will also disclose appropriate information so that customers, investors who are the final beneficiaries, and all of our stakeholders will have an understanding of the state of our ESG initiatives.

Established on March 31, 2022